7th Workshop on
Hot Issues in Security Principles and Trust (HotSpot 2021)

Affiliated with Euro S&P 2021, 6th of September 2021 online.

Organized by the Theory of Security working group IFIP WG 1.7.

Registration is Open

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Aim and Scope

The principles of security and trust remain an area of intense and creative work. This work is focused primarily on defining security and trust goals, developing methods to verify that systems meet those goals, and to synthesize systems that meet those goals by construction.

The areas of interest for HotSpot cut across many application areas, including hardware-software connections, vulnerability discovery and program verification, distributed and cloud systems, big data, machine learning for (and against) security and privacy, and single-purpose systems such as voting, electronic currency and smart contracts. The areas of interest are unified however by a focus on rigorous models and reasoning, clear semantics, and a balance between proof and empirical methods.


The one-day workshop will be divided into a sequence of four main sessions. Some sessions will be devoted to a set of talks on related topics, both with invited talks and submitted papers. We expect the session topics to be drawn from the following list:


All times are in Central European Daylight Saving Time (GMT+2)

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Program Committee

This workshop is organised by IFIP WG 1.7: Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design.

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